Sunday, January 2, 2011


 The "Pretend you've got something in your eye" method

The "Cover-up" method
The "Half Cover" method

 The two-fists mode with eyes showing

The two-fists mode with eyes covered

The back hand swipe - one eye open

The backhand swipe, pretending it was nothing

Crossover swipe - right hand wiping left cheek

The heel of the hand swipe

 The one-finger tip approach

The one finger tip approach with skin pull

 The two-finger tip approach with eyes open

The two-fingertip approach with eyes closed

The middle-finger approach with other fingers raised

The ring-finger approach with other fingers raised

The four-finger approach

The one finger salute maneuver

 The four-finger approach - or is it two?

 Ah, the two-finger approach with mouth open

  The knuckle technique

The "Use what's available" strategy (in this case a red dinner napkin)

The folded handkerchief strategy with one eye open

The folded hankie technique with eyes closed

The "Oops, I'm crying through my nose" act

The short-sleeve method

The shirt collar maneuver